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why does my candle look funky when it dries?

 don’t be alarmed, 100% soy wax can be temperamental. you may notice rough or bumpy tops after your candle dries. this is caused from the soy wax cooling at an inconsistent rate.

 you may also notice a sink hole. this is due to air bubbles created in the soy wax during manufacturing.

 while unsightly, at least you know there haven’t been any toxic additives or paraffin added to your natural soy!


 size matters

 we all know this is true. {Wick} size matters. and although our wicks are made of pure cotton or cherrywood, and are completely lead free, you still need to take care of them for the best experience.

 always trim the wick before burning.

 this will help insure a clean burn without excess smoke or carbon. and will keep your cotton wick from creating a “mushroom”

 trimming your wick will also maintain the life of the candle and keep it from burning too hot.


 Let It Burn. Let It Burn.

 this ain’t no Usher song. for best practices, only burn your candle a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

 your first burn should be as many hours as your vessel is wide. if you have a vessel 3.5 inches wide, then burn for 3.5 hours….but never more than 4.

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