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pop culture

pop culture

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bergamot+ kumquat

the candle that embodies the fun and lively spirit of youth culture. its bright and vibrant fragrance is a blend of juicy orange, zesty bergamot, and tangy kumquat, creating an irresistible aroma that's sure to uplift your mood.

picture yourself surrounded by the fun and energy of pop culture, as its playful blend of citrus notes infuse the air with a burst of freshness and vitality. Its youthful fragrance is perfect for brightening up any room and creating a joyful atmosphere that's sure to lift your spirits.


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bergamot is fruity and citrusy, with floral hints. it releases dopamine and regulates your mood


with a rich, sweet and tart scent kumquat adds a remarkable freshness, creating a positive environment. it is uplifting, promoting positivity and mental clarity

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    indulge in unique, artisanal candles crafted with care and passion

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    our products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins - guaranteed

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    our candles offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind scents that are truly unique.

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