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the one

the one

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cassis+pink grapefruit

the one, a classic yet contemporary candle that features a bold blend of red currant and pink grapefruit. the fragrance is both invigorating and refreshing, perfect for revitalizing any room in your home.

light up the one, and allow its vibrant fragrance to awaken your senses and lift your mood. the blend of red currant and pink grapefruit is designed to invigorate your mind and refresh your spirit, making it the perfect candle for a revitalizing self-care routine.

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red currant

red currant has both a fruity and citrusy aroma. it's used in aromatherapy to provide invigorating and detoxifying benefits.

pink grapefruit

pink grapefruit has a refreshing citrus scent allowing it to cleanse the aura. this scent is sure to help you relax.

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